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Other than simply attending the class, the extent of auditor participation taking exams, receiving instructor feedback on papers, etc. Students will be registered as auditors and receive an audit grade "L" on their transcript which will not impact grade point average GPA.

During Enrollment

Audited courses do not count towards financial aid eligibility. Auditing a Course Auditing a course allows you to attend a course without receiving credit or a grade.

Who Can Audit A Course? If those courses are not part of your major, they may fit into your schedule regardless. Though college should focus on education, you also need time for your initial courses, extra-curricular clubs, and social events.


Also, dropping a class can be arduous and time-consuming. There is often a small window to submit your decision, and missing this time period could mean considerable work and implications for your GPA. Major Requirements Certain universities require a slew of classes to be dedicated to your major. You may have limited time to experiment with classes in other departments.

nivis.tk Consider why you chose your university. Is the school known for a certain department?

This may be your chance to study a subject with some of its most important contributors. Need Money to Pay for College? Quick and Easy to Apply. Student Contributors.