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As Hiccup was about to leave, Astrid was worried that the message didn't sound like Stoick and wanted to go with him but he assured her that he would be careful while gently brushing the side of her face with his hand.

Read PDF Suite No. 3 for Orchestra. Part 1. ╔lΘgie

Hiccup and Astrid go off to check on Garff. Astrid gives Hiccup all kinds of cute looks trying to get him to agree to let Garff come with them.

Astrid wins the argument with Hiccup and Garff comes with them. Tuffnut and Ruffnut ponder to themselves if Hiccup has ever won an argument! Astrid again talks Hiccup into letting Garff come with them. After Stoick is injured Astrid asks in concern how he is twice and is the one to tell Hiccup he has been voted as acting chief.

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She leaves him alone when he refuses at his request. As Hiccup sits alone with Toothless at a table in the Great Hall worrying about his dad, Astrid comes up and tries to help reassure him by saying it was not his fault. She doesn't share a story on what Berk would be like with the others and seems concerned after Hiccup storms off.

Astrid then meets Hiccup as he's with Toothless staring at the sea once again and refuses to leave him alone. She tells a story about how Toothless and Hiccup were meant to be best friends and how even if he had shot at Toothless and missed when he was 15, they still would have come together and his father would still be in that position. She even includes that she and Hiccup would have still ended up together eventually.

Hiccup thanks her and regains his confidence quite a lot due to her speech. When Hiccup decides to lead the riders to Vanaheim, Astrid asks Hiccup if he was sure he wanted to do the mission. Hiccup reassures Astrid and says that he can't do more than pray to the gods his dad gets better. Later, when the riders find the Sentinels, Astrid walks over to Hiccup and puts her hand on his shoulder. Later, while in the wrecked Dragon Hunter Ship, Astrid encourages Hiccup, in which Hiccup responds, "Where do you come up with this stuff?

Astrid then says "Ugh, looks like it's you and me then. Was that corny or-" Astrid then laughs and agrees, but says it was nice. Astrid holds her betrothal necklace and smiles at it before she packs it up. She comes into Hiccup's hut and tries to comfort him. He then touches her cheek and thanks her for everything then takes her hand, showing the start of how their relationship is in How to Train Your Dragon 2. Near the beginning of the episode, Astrid is about to leave to go fight the dragon flyers. When Hiccup grabs Astrid's wrist, he sounds like he's worried one of them might die or get hurt.

Astrid then reassures Hiccup, telling him to find the king of dragons or the war would go on forever. Hiccup pulls Astrid back as she starts walking away and kisses her on the lips, Astrid then smiles, and brushes her hair out of her face and puts her hand on his heart. Near the end, Astrid and Hiccup are shown kissing at Dagur and Mala's wedding and then standing side by side before leaving the Edge.

Astrid and Hiccup are not only an official couple by the sequel, but are also betrothed. This is shown during the Dragon Race at the beginning when Stoick proudly yells "That's my future daughter in law! Hiccup hands it over without a second thought.

Guide Double Identity

They sit so close together, they always appear to be touching in some way, or even leaning on each other. Hiccup vents to Astrid how Stoick is pressuring him to take on the role of Chief, and she teasingly mocks him, to which his reaction is both confusion and amusement. They both laugh, and Astrid even punches Hiccup in the side similar to how she did when they were younger.

When they settle down, Astrid states how proud she is of Hiccup, while he confides that being Chief just isn't him, and he's still searching for who he really is. At that, Astrid leans against Hiccup's side and casually braids his hair, telling him that what he's searching for isn't "out there", but within himself. Astrid puts her hand on Hiccup's chest and he gives her a genuine smile before she leans in and kisses him on the cheek.

The scene ends with Hiccup cupping Astrid's face in his hand to draw her attention to smoke he sees in the distance. When flying their dragons toward the smoke, they share a concerned glance, and Hiccup tells Astrid to "stay close" for safety. Once landed, Hiccup quickly pulls out his flaming sword to defend himself and Astrid from the Dragon Trappers. After some unproductive conversation with Eret, Hiccup cuts Stormfly loose and allows her and Astrid to get ahead of him and Toothless as they make their escape.

At arriving, Astrid appears to be shocked at Hiccup's plan but fully trusts him as he gestures for her to put her axe down, throws a net over her, and leads her gently to the ship's storage compartment. Astrid is still confused but doesn't protest when Hiccup shuts the two of them in it. After Hiccup talks to Eret for a bit, Astrid adds that Hiccup can be very persuasive.

When Stoick and the Riders "rescue" Hiccup, he tries to talk some sense into Stoick so he'll let him go try to keep the peace. Astrid locks eyes with Hiccup and gives him an encouraging smile and nod, showing she agrees. Hiccup flies off in frustration, and Astrid tries to follow again but this time is stopped by Stoick, insisting she escorts the other Riders back to Berk instead.

Manual Practical Intelligence and the Virtues

Sometime later, Astrid and the Riders are resting on an iceberg, and Astrid becomes worried as neither Hiccup or Stoick had returned yet. Astrid decides to lead the other Riders on a mission to find Hiccup despite what Stoick ordered her to do. The couple doesn't see each other again until the battle with Drago and his army, where Astrid asks where Hiccup's been.

Hiccup answers, saying he was catching up with his mother, to which Astrid asks in shock if the character leading the giant dragon into battle is really his mother. Hiccup's response is "Now you know where I get my dramatic flair! When Stoick is killed, Astrid is in shock and even appears emotional as she jumps off Stormfly and runs to Hiccup's side. Astrid cuddles up beside Hiccup, puts an arm around his back, and leans her head against his, in an effort to bring him some comfort.

Practical Intelligence and the Virtues - Daniel C. Russell - Google книги

At learning Drago is about to fly Toothless away, Astrid attempts to hold Hiccup back as he emotionally jumps up and tries to run toward his dragon. Later at the funeral, Astrid is on the far right along with Valka, which traditionally is a position of honor during official practices.

Astrid looks on with great pride when Hiccup rises to his new chieftain role and states how they're going to go back, reclaim their dragons, and save their home. When flying on the baby Scuttleclaws , Astrid asks Hiccup if Drago's Bewilderbeast will take control of them too, to which he answers, no, since they're just babies. When the Bewilderbeast blasts Hiccup and Toothless with ice, Astrid looks terrified, similar to how she did in the first movie when she thought he might be dead.

But her expression turns to one of awe and relief when Toothless breaks them out. The movie ends with another Dragon Race, during which Hiccup steals the extra-pointer black sheep from Astrid, only to toss it into her basket instead of his own, making her the winner again. The two are the only Riders perched on the race platform at the very end, with the others on the level below. After being trapped in a cave surrounded by rogue dragons, the gang share stories and Astrid retells the brief events of her conversation with Stoick before following Hiccup to Itchy Armpit.

Valka , upon hearing the story, expresses her gratitude to Astrid for taking care of Hiccup and being the daughter she and Stoick always wanted. Before heading off to Nepenthe , Hiccup decided to make Astrid the acting-Chief.

Double Identity

Astrid, however, ends up appointing Gobber as her acting-Chief so she can join Hiccup on his visit to keep him out of trouble. Hiccup and Astrid's relationship is a major subplot in the final installment. They return to Berk with their newest group of dragon rescues, only to be confronted by Gobber. He claims that Berk is overcrowded with dragons and that the best thing they can do for Berk is hang up their saddles and settle down by getting married and ruling as a proper royal couple. Astrid leaves the discussion, agitated by the awkwardness.

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  4. When she tells Hiccup that Gobber is right, he is surprised and asks if she's talking about them getting married. She replies that they're nowhere near ready for that step, which leaves HIccup feeling slightly embarrassed.

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    Astrid tells Hiccup that they've made Berk more of a target by bringing so many dragons back. He confides in her his idea to bring the dragons and the whole of the Hooligan Tribe to the legendary Hidden World of the dragons. Astrid, being as bluntly honest as she's always been with him, remarks that idea of abandoning the home Stoick left Hiccup to protect is hardly a real solution.