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  1. How You Can Introduce Others to Christ
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  3. Kanye West is BLASTED by Christians on Twitter he prepares to drop his new album 'Jesus is King'
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Second, Paul is defending his gospel and the motive for preaching it particularly against the background of Jewish rejection of the gospel. After the proofs of the universality of the gospel for both Jew and Gentile, Paul defends his missionary policy.

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If the gospel is available to all without distinction vv , then it must be preached to all without distinction Romans are transitional with vv as a climax to this perspective. While Paul argues that his gospel opens the door for Gentiles, it is evident that Paul still has Israel in mind. His regular citations from the OT show this to be true.

How You Can Introduce Others to Christ

While Paul directly applies this concept to the Gentiles in chapter one, he also charges the moralist and Jew with practicing the very same things As a result, a spiritual hardening or unresponsiveness has come on the nation during the church age , For the Lord to return and rescue them at his Second Coming, the Jews will need not only to place their faith in Jesus as Messiah. Now Christ demanded that for His return, Israel will need to confess it out of faith so that He might return to deliver them from their enemies and restore them to the land cf.

Deut For many Christians Rom is a favorite series of verses for evangelism. Generally, these verses are cited in order to emphasize the need for faith.

Often, the statements about confessing Christ for salvation have been slighted or neglected when the verses have been used in an evangelistic presentation. This may be because Christians have been confused about the meaning of confession for salvation in the passage. Yet God has been pleased to use these verses in evangelism precisely because they help clarify the truth that justification is by faith alone. But whenever Christians have stressed the need for an unbeliever to confess Christ publicly in order to get to heaven, the truth of the free gift of eternal life has been abused.

The practical lesson of this passage is this: Publicly identifying with Christ has a cleansing and sanctifying effect on our lives.

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If nothing else, openly confessing Christ makes the Christian conscious of his lifestyle. The world is certainly watching Christians. But it is watching Christians who can be identified as such. I can be a secret Christian, but I can never be a victorious, secret Christian. One vital principle for victorious Christian living is the public, vocal, regular identification with the Lordship of Jesus.

Eerdmans Publishing Co. Sanday and Headlam link confession to baptism, so their perspective seems best taken as favoring two actions for salvation.

Kanye West is BLASTED by Christians on Twitter he prepares to drop his new album 'Jesus is King'

Philadelphia: Westminster Press, , Others come close to this viewpoint. Belief in the heart is clearly the crucial requirement, as Paul makes clear even in this context ; , James D. MacArthur Jr. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House, , Johannes P. Louw and Eugene A. This is attested by similar constructions in confession passages 1 Cor ; ; Phil Daniel B. John will be discussed below. The word itself is only used 23 times in the NT. This cannot be the free gift of eternal life.

Note this obvious nuance of the word in Matt Frank E. For the Gospel of John, eternal life is the immediate possession of all who believe in Jesus , 36; ; , 47; One needs to remember that the incident of the wedding at Cana John was one of the earliest events in the ministry of Christ. Nevertheless the warning must first be understood in light of the original hearers. Joseph C. Hagner relates Matt with both 2 Tim and Rom Hagner, Matthew 1—13, Knight, without exegetical warrant, finds professing believers who deny Christ in 12b, and slightly unfaithful believers to whom Jesus is faithful in v George W.

If only the present was in view, one might expect verbs that are both aorist, rather than an aorist and a future. Godet, Romans, Edwards, Romans. This is exactly what will be stressed in the following pages of this article. John would then be using the same word to mean within the same book two concepts that are diametrically opposed.

Contextually, this phrase is used of true faith in , For further help on this verse, see Robert N. None of these uses seems to be concerned with the requirement s of receiving eternal life. But the very next verse refers to the good confession that Christ Himself made before Pilate—a confession that was certainly not to obtain His salvation. For further help, see Dillow, Reign of Servant Kings, A surprising observation is that the verb is used only one of the eight times Rom in the aorist tense.

The other seven uses are future. This is not what we would expect if the salvation of Romans is equivalent to justification. With the possible exception of , none of these references are genuine futures to the time of faith, i. Justification is a reality to be rejected or received in this life.

So the past tenses predominate six aorist, one perfect, five present with four of the five as participles. For further help on the gnomic present tense, see Wallace, Greek Grammar, Zane C. BAGD, s.

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In Romans, Paul is defending the gospel he preached. It is highly unlikely that all these truths are essential knowledge for eternal life. This form of judgment has been escaped entirely by justification John Besides, what need is there for God to take all believers who at death have gone to heaven and bring them before the Father only to determine whether they should ultimately go to heaven? Does God make mistakes? The salvation would then be future to the previously stated action of justification and reconciliation. The Greek article naturally points back to a previous mention of this wrath.

The Greek article is the article of previous reference or anaphoric article. The life of Christ provides for our victory over sin, and for the resurrection of the body. Favoring this view is Moo, Romans, Those from a Lordship Salvation theology, who insist on commitment and surrender as essential to faith for justification, must find the command of Rom confusing. They themselves wholeheartedly teach that the unbeliever is dead spiritually Eph Since this is so, how can a non-Christian consider himself or herself to be dead to sin and alive to God? Does it not appear reasonable that one must first be crucified and raised up with Christ by faith at justification before this command for surrender can be obeyed!

The verse supports a careful distinction between justification and sanctification truth. The roots of the two words are related. There is no verb in the Greek text. Yet to supply the English past tense is appropriate. This verse may also speak of a positional deliverance from bondage to sin. Geoffrey W. Bromiley Grand Rapids: Wm. Edwards, Romans, English references hereafter also include Gen ; ; Joel quoted in Rom , and in the pseudoepigraphal work Psalms of Solomon ; Kaiser Jr.

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But since Paul clearly teaches that justifying righteousness was never based on works of the law, this interpretation must be rejected. If one keeps the entire law perfectly, then potentially a person could receive eternal life by the works of the law. Romans , 13 may be marshaled in defense of this interpretation. But this perspective faces difficulties in Rom The law provided for sins that were done unintentionally Num ; Deut So how could anyone think that Moses implied that a person could keep the law perfectly, without sin?

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Moses and the Lord never intended that the law could be kept without faith. Even Abraham illustrated the need to approach God first and foremost by faith Romans 4. Faith and works for justification are abhorrent to God. Faith and works aimed at sanctification are commanded by God even in the NT era e. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of life Rom To walk by the power of the Spirit is to produce an expression of eternal life Genuine love is an expression of and an experience of eternal life.

E-book: McGrady, New Testament Evangelism

Hatred is an expression of and an experience of death. Moses taught Rom that one could experience eternal life by obedience to the law. This was not eternal life as initial justification, but eternal life as an ongoing sanctification experience and an outgrowth of eternal life received as a free gift. Dillow, Reign of Servant Kings, , That the Christian is freed from the law for sanctification should not be understood to imply that either 1 NT believers have no moral law to guide them they are under the law of Christ, Gal ; 1 Cor , or 2 the Mosaic law has no function in the NT era it still convicts of sin, 1 Tim ; Rom ; The similarities between the two passages are too great to be limited to a simple use of its language or imagery.

Dunn, Romans 9—16 , The warning in the Deuteronomy context is against a heart of self-righteousness and self-sufficiency which in turn arises from a lack of faith. It would be surprising if Paul was purposefully citing a text from Deuteronomy 30 without thinking of the impact of vv on the verses he cites These verses teach a New Covenant with a circumcision of the heart cf.